Fuel Cell Hydrogen Circulation Pump DQ60

Product parameters
● Motor speed (rpm):0-8000
● Pressure rise (kPa):50
● Flow(Nm³/h):60
● Rated power(kw):2
● Dimensions(mm):256×161×121
● Matching fuel cell systems(kw):70-120

Product Features

● Small size and light weight;

● Low noise and no vibration;

● The inherent design of the product and the setting of the control logic have good low temperature start-up and ice breaking functions;

● Intake end cover, exhaust end cover and pump body are integrated with one-piece design;

● The system supports CAN2.0A and CAN2.0B (consistent with the vehicle controller);

● Both the motor and controller have been verified by IP67 and EMC tests, with third-party test reports;

● The controller has the function of fault recording;

● High-efficiency and small-volume permanent magnet synchronous motor is directly driven, and the installation is flexible;

● The system has over-temperature and over-current protection function;

● Mature and reliable explosion-proof design.

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